Monday, January 27, 2020

Sandy Hook truther arrested for doxxing grieving dad

A man who spread conspiracy theories relating to the Sandy Hook shooting and allegedly stressed victims’ households used to be arrested Monday morning in Florida. The hoaxer, Wolfgang Halbig, used to be charged with “unlawful possession of private identification of one other particular person” and released after paying a $5,000 bond. The arrest used to be first reported in The Fresh York Cases.

Halbig is supposed to possess many cases emailed the social security number, initiating date, and other private files from the father of one in every of the shooting victims to a range of recipients, in step with the Cases. The father, Leonard Pozner, reportedly now lives in hiding in fragment on account of Halbig. He lately filed a criticism against Halbig, in step with the list.

“For five years, he has broken-down my most private and non-public shrimp print to incentivize and enable other hoaxers and conspiracy theorists to hunt, abuse and terrorize myself and my family,” Pozner talked about in an announcement to the Cases.

Starting in 2014, Halbig used to be referenced and interviewed multiple cases by Infowars, spreading conspiracies relating to the 2012 shooting that killed 26 folks. The Cases says that he has taunted the households of victims after they've challenged him, at cases releasing their private files and claiming their formative years are easy alive.

Florida has a legislation that makes it illegal to knowingly hold one other particular person’s social security number, bank card number, clinical records, and a few alternative other sensitive identifiers with out authorization.

Whether shooting victims’ households can obtain relief from the hoaxes and harassment others possess attach them through has been an ongoing ask for years now. Gradual closing twelve months, Infowars founder Alex Jones used to be ordered to pay $100,000 in lawful charges as fragment of a defamation lawsuit filed by oldsters of one in every of the formative years who used to be killed in the shooting. The FBI has also filed charges against one other particular particular person for allegedly harassing the family and chums of victims of the Parkland shooting.

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